Nomian Mountains

Author Gell, William
Subject Travelling to the Peloponnesus

Gell, William. Narrative of a Journey in the Morea. London: A. & R. Spottiswoode, 1823. 100-101.

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“It was here that we found ourselves on the banks of the celebrated Neda, flowing rapidly through one of the most singular chasms in the world, under magnificent precipices, which tower to an astonishing height on each side, and seem to oppose the passage of its waters; leaving, in fact, no space but which time and the incessant flood have worn between the most prominent of their enormous masses.

The district of the Nomian mountains did indeed differ essentially in its circumstances from almost all other tracts of pastoral occupation, generally too remote to derive benefit from that civilization which is produced by the intercourse with cities and the sight of strangers; whereas these were not only surrounded by populous cities, at small distances from each other, but contained within their on confined circuit, cities of no inconsiderable extent, and were frequented by the inhabitants of all the surroundings states, on the occasion of the Lycaean games, which took place on their summits. They appear also to have been, to a certain degree, exempt from the horrors of frequent war; partly protected by the sanctity of the region, and partly by the impregnable nature of their fastnesses. (100-101)