Geography (Source of the Neda)

Author Strabo
Subject Other

Strabo, Geography, 8.3.22 (written ca. AD 25)

The stream of the Neda is the boundary between Triphylia and Messenia (an impetuous stream that comes down from Lykaion, an Arkadian mountain, out of a spring, which, according to the myth, Rhea, after she had given birth to Zeus, caused to break forth in order to have water to bathe in); and it flows past Phigalia, opposite the place where the Pyrgetans, last of the Triphylians, border on the Cyparissians, first of the Messenians; but in the early times the division between these two countries was different, so that some of the territories across the Neda were subject to Nestor - not only Cyparisseeis, but also some other parts on the far side.