Idylls (Oracle of Pan, sterile animals)

Author Theocritus
Subject Other

Theocritus, Idylls, 1.122-126 (written 3rd cent. BC)

Pan, Pan, oh whether great Lyceum’s crags
Thou haunt’st to-day, or mightier Maenalus,
Come to the Sicel isle! Abandon now
Rhium and Helicè, and the mountain-cairn
(That e’en gods cherish) of Lycaon’s son!
Forget, sweet Maids, forget your woodland song.

123c. Lykaion is a mountain of Arkadia, named for Lykaon the son of Pelasgos, on which is also an oracle of Pan.
123e. On Lykaion they say there is a place named [for Callisto]... (123f.) They say animals become sterile if they enter it.

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