Natural History (Arcadia)

Author Pliny
Subject History of Mt. Lykaion and Area

Pliny the Elder, Natural History, 4.10 from The Perseus Digital Library.

The mountains of Arcadia are, Pholöe, with a town of the same name, Cyllene, Lycæus, upon which is the temple of Lycæan Jupiter; Mænalus, Artemisius, Parthenius, Lampeus, and Nonacris, besides eight others of no note. The rivers are the Ladon, which rises in the marshes of Pheneus, and the Erymanthus, which springs from a mountain of the same name, and flows into the Alpheus.

Latin Text

montes in arcadia pholoe+ cum oppido, item cyllene, lycaeus, in quo lycaei iovis delubrum, maenalus, artemisius, parthenius, lampeus, nonacris praeterque ignobiles viii. amnes ladon e paludibus phenei, erymanthus e monte eiusdem nominis in alpheum defluens.