Nemean Odes (Theaeus of Argos Wrestling)

Author Pindar
Subject Lykaion Games

Pindar, Nemean Odes, 10.45ff from The Perseus Digital Library.

But it is impossible to give a full reckoning of their [Theaios' maternal ancestors'] countless prizes of bronze for it would require long leisure to number them which Cleitor and Tegea and the upland cities of the Achaeans and Mount Lykaion set by the racecourse of Zeus for men to win with the strength of their feet and hands.

Greek Text

ἀλλὰ χαλκὸν μυρίον οὐ δυνατὸν
ἐξελέγχειν: μακροτέρας γὰρ ἀριθμῆσαι σχολᾶς:
ὅντε Κλείτωρ καὶ Τεγέα καὶ Ἀχαιῶν ὑψίβατοι πόλιες
καὶ Λύκαιον πὰρ Διὸς θῆκε δρόμῳ, σὺν ποδῶν χειρῶν τε νικᾶσαι σθένει.