Olympian Odes (Diagoras of Rhodes Boxing)

Author Pindar
Subject Lykaion Games

Pindar, Olympian Odes, 7.80ff from The Perseus Digital Library.

With the flowers from these Diagoras has had himself crowned twice, and at the renowned Isthmus four times, in his good fortune, and again and again at Nemea and in rocky Athens; and the prizes of the bronze shield in Argos and the works of art in Arcadia and Thebes are familiar with him, and the duly ordered contests of the Boeotians, and Pellana and Aegina, where he was six times victor.

Greek Text

τῶν ἄνθεσι Διαγόρας
ἐστεφανώσατο δίς, κλεινᾷ τ᾽ ἐν Ἰσθμῷ τετράκις εὐτυχέων,
Νεμέᾳ τ᾽ ἄλλαν ἐπ᾽ ἄλλα, καὶ κρανααῖς ἐν Ἀθάναις.
ὅ τ᾽ ἐν Ἄργει χαλκὸς ἔγνω νιν, τά τ᾽ ἐν Ἀρκαδίᾳ
ἔργα καὶ Θήβαις, ἀγῶνές τ᾽ ἔννομοι
Πέλλανά τ᾽ Αἴγινά τε νικῶνθ᾽ ἑξάκις.