Panegyric on the Consulship of Stilicho (defeat of Alaric in Arcadia)

Author Claudius Claudianus
Subject Poetic Literary References

Claudius Claudianus, Panegyric on the Consulship of Stilicho, I.181-187 (written 400 AD)

Thee mindful Eurotas, thee Lycaeus’ rustic muse, thee Maenalus celebrates in pastoral song, and therewith the woods of Parthenius, where, thanks to thy victorious arms, weary Greece has raised once more her head from amid the flames. Then did Ladon, river of Arcadia, stay his course amid the countless bodies, and Alphaeus, choked with heaps of slaughtered Getae, won his way more slowly to his Sicilian love.

Latin Text

Te memor Eurotas, te rustica Musa Lycaei,
te pastorali modulantur Maenala cantu
Partheniumque nemus, quod te pugnante resurgens
aegra caput mediis erexit Graecia flammis.
plurima Parrhasius tunc inter corpora Ladon 185
haesit et Alpheus Geticis angustus acervis
tardior ad Siculos etiamnunc pergit amores.