Panegyric on the Sixth Consulship of Emperor Honorius (Lykaian Pan)

Author Claudius Claudianus
Subject Poetic Literary References

Claudius Claudianus, Panegyric on the Sixth Consulship of Emperor Honorius, lines 193-200 (written 404 AD)

So spake he [the river god Eridanus], and rising yet farther out of the stream he loudly summoned the rivers of Liguria and Venetia. These raise their dripping heads from among their leafy banks, fair Ticinus, blue Addua, swift Athesis, slow Mincius, and Timavus with his nine mouths. All mock at the fugitive [Alaric] and recall the happy flocks to the now peaceful meadows; Lycaean Pan is bidden to return and the Dryads and Fauns, gods of the countryside.

Latin Text

Sic fatus Ligures Venetosque erectior amnes
magna voce ciet. frondentibus umida ripis
colla levant: pulcher Ticinus et Addua visu
caerulus et velox Athesis tardusque meatu
Mincius inque novem consurgens ora Timavus.
insultant omnes profugo pacataque laetum
invitant ad prata pecus; iam Pana Lycaeum,
iam Dryadas revocant et rustica numina Faunos. 200