Now accepting applications for the 2017 season of excavation and survey at the Sanctuary of Zeus, June 14-July 31, 2017 and is currently accepting applications in the following categories: (Please contact Dr. David Gilman Romano (dgromano@email.arizona.edu) if interested) - all applications should be submitted by February 1, 2017

Excavation Supervisor (8)
Experienced excavator with multiple years of training.

Excavation Assistant (8)
New or experienced excavator

Topographical Survey Supervisor (1)
Experienced surveyor with multiple years of experience running an electronic total station and GPS equipment.

Topographical Survey Assistant (3)
New or experienced Topographical surveyor

Museum Assistant (3)
Experienced museum assistant

Database Assistant (1)
Individual with experience working on computerized database

Architectural Assistant (3)
Architectural student with experience using AutoCAD and trained in electronic total station work.